Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I order clothing?

A: I’ve been doing things a tad different around here lately. I now have limited edition collections available for purchase about every month or so. These items are super special and I can’t guarantee I’ll ever offer them as made to order, so get them while you can! Everything is first come first serve and no payment plans or holds. The date new items will be released is on the top of my webpage, you can also find it in my instagram bio or Facebook/Instagram posts. Be sure to set an alarm as things tend to sell the day of, if not in minutes! (Thank you, you all are crazy!)

Q: Can you just take on MY one extra order for the month?

A: Nope, I do it like this because it works for me. Keep following my social media to find out when orders open again or the date of the next collection drop.

Q: When is the new order date?

A: Once I know the order date I will announce it on Instagram, Facebook and the header on my webpage! In the meantime remember that patience is a virtue.

Q: All of your items say sold out, how do I purchase clothing?

A: If items say sold out it means I am busy working on current orders, please follow me on social media to find out the new order date! No need to contact me to let me know there is "no stock" please see above responses.

Q: Do you ship world wide?

A: Yes, you can find other basic questions like this on my policy page.

Q: When will I receive my order?

A: If you are ordering from a pre-made collection the item will ship within the week ordered.

Q: I am international can you mark my item as a gift or put the purchase total below true value?

A: Most certainly not! This is considered mail fraud and can get me in BIG trouble, as well mess up my numbers for taxes.

Q: Do you take custom orders?

A: No never, I do not have the time to work on these projects, and honestly I do not enjoy them.

Q: Can you make my order custom sized?

A: No, please see the sizing chart to find your best fit and keep in mind I work with a lot of knits that are stretchy.

Q: I wrote you a DM on Instagram/Facebook/Telepathy and you never responded...

A: Please use my designated business e-mail! Everything else can get lost in the Matrix but I will be sure to respond this way as long as the answer isn't found on the FAQ or policy page.

For most other basic questions you can find the information on my policy page.