Sew Much Love is all about the small details that elevate an article of clothing to a piece of functioning art. Kaiya Waler owner and creator takes traditional and ancient patterns and modifies them to feel alive and fresh. The result is something between whimsical and everyday wear, with an emphasis on muted earthy colors.

You will find sustainable fabrics here that not only have a better environmental impact but also are much softer against the skin and most being antimicrobial! A lot of the items are hand dyed in small batches in a technique that has been mastered over many years. Kaiya was selling her hand dyed wears on Etsy back in 2010 before it was so commonly seen.

If you not only want to look good but also feel good about the clothing you are buying you’ve come to the right place.


Since Sew Much Love has grown immensely over the last few years the shop ordering process has changed. I make new collections typically with about 100 items and “drop” them on my website on a specific date, which you can find if you follow my page on Instagram or Facebook. I recommend setting an alarm because items tend to sell out within the first hour of being listed.

Non Profit Work

With every collection Sew Much Love will donate a small portion to a different charity. The first is Keep Tahoe blue. An organization that focuses on not only Lake Tahoe but the surrounding area by raising awareness about plastics, plant restoration, tackling invasive species, shoreline protection, and pollution clean-up.

Articles & Blogs

Sierra Sun

Screen Printing

All screen printing designed by Sacred State Design and printed locally in CA.